Okris Fruit

Okris Fruit demonstrates the tactile power of soft materials and believable form. My research throughout my thesis concluded that special effects can be most successful when they support the narrative of a film. Okris does this, while also reveling in the physical nature of the prop's potential to create intimate actor interactions.
This work is a part of my thesis, which explored how colour multi-material 3D printing could be used for film special effects. The pieces were printed on the Stratasys J750, a 6-material 3D printer.

Okris Fruit | Colour 3D/4D Printing for Film

Tor robinson img 8430 2 lr
Tor robinson fruitvideo draft3 still019

The "fruit" was filled with raspberry jelly and chia seeds to mimic the sensation of eating fruit.

Tor robinson img 8387 lr
Tor robinson img 8334 lr

The 3D print during the support material cleaning process.