Unpublished Work

The following three works are the product of my Master's degree, which investigated how new advances in colour, multimaterial printing can be used by the film industry. My thesis, titled Colour 3D/4D Printing for Film explores the potential the Stratasys J750 has in creating Computer Generated Objects (CGO), which can help bridge the divide between digital and physical effects.



My thesis produced two final outputs, which each explore different aspects of my research. This first project focuses on the value physical effects has in creating interactions with the real, organic world. This partial prosthetic demonstrates the potential CGO has in a larger-scale film production, most likely in the fantasy or horror genres.

Okris Fruit

This second thesis project demonstrates the tactile power of soft materials and believable form. My theoretical research concluded that special effects can be most successful when they support the narrative of a film. Okris does this, while also reveling in the physical nature of the prop's potential to create intimate actor interactions.


You may recognise this work if you have visited my website before. This is the final, updated version of the project Orbit, which was created during the Masters' course-work before I started my final thesis. Orbit showcases the unique properties of colour multi-material printing through simple spinning tops. When spun, these tops change in form and colour.