Imageo is a 3D modelling system which allows the user to parametrically create 3D forms obtained from 2D images. Users are able to express and understand the properties of colour by experimenting with the tools the software provides. They are then able to save their forms for use in digital manufacture, particularly for use in future technologies such as large-scale colour 3D printing. This level of personalisation allows the user to be adventurous, finding the freedom to express their aesthetic preferences throughout the spaces they live in.

The system expresses the colour values of a two dimensional image in three dimensions. The light and dark values of an image control the shape of an image, while the hue values control the material distribution. Users can change the extent to which different values affect the shape using sliders.

To show how this future technology could exist after existing manufacturing techniques have evolved, I printed prototypes using the school's two-material Connex printer, dying them to suggest how the colour may work. The prototypes were then photographed next to Vitra scale models of famous chairs, chosen based on their unique and historically innovative manufacturing techniques.