Cycle Awareness System

Designed during my semester abroad at Carnegie Mellon's School of Design, the Cycle Awareness System explores two different ways to encourage cycling in an urban environment. This was primarily a research driven topic, and I learnt many different techniques to inform future research and enrich my design process.

You can see the full project on my Behance page.


Low Tech Solution

This product challenges the anxiety cyclists have with safety on the road by letting them create their own bike lanes. I wanted to give people the power to interact and affect their own environment, and consider the effects of their own actions. Sometimes you need to disturb a system in order to see its strengths and weaknesses, and I could do that by letting the user create their own infrastructure. Ultimately will encourage people to cycle by giving them confidence and courage, making them feel like they have control in a sometimes hostile environment.

High Tech Solution

Next I looked into the future, designing a product that could create a better society, not just make people think about it. I identified the dangerous elements of cycling on a road, and the weaknesses of the connection between cyclist and motorist. A signal system is fitted to the bicycle handlebars, while the central hub also receives proximity communications from the GPS systems of approaching cars. The system encourages two-way situational awareness by encouraging communication between motorists and cyclists.